10 Good Reasons - Full Monthly Reporting
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Office Supplies Catalogue

10 Good Reasons - Full Monthly Reporting

Stationery AccountsFull Monthly Reporting

We can produce monthly invoicing if you prefer rather than individual invoices, and also provide full management information broken down by user departments and cost centres.

Our unique monthly expenditure report in descending value order tells you exactly which products you buy every month with the biggest expense items at the top of the list. This way we can work together to ensure that you are always making the biggest savings on the items where you spend most money. ... Not, like many of our competitors - where you save on the pins and clips but miss out on the big savings.

Besides our own monthly reports we send you, you can also keep track yourself On-Line with orders placed, contract prices, and keep complete control over cost centre expenditure and users spending patterns.

We can tailor make your site to allow you to see other users and departments expenditure but they can only see their own if you wish.

Also you may wish for certain cost centres to have to obtain authorisation before ordering and others can order without authorisation – we will set this up automatically for you.

Its easy to order on-line very quickly by using a req pad or your contract price list for instant ordering. You may wish to see your most regularly ordered items or make your own popular products catalogue, this can all be done on-line and in seconds .

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